With the latest Letter from the Chairman ($55 mill, way to go community) for Star Citizen we got to vote on another ship. This is great as more ships means more choice and more flavor in the universe. I found myself stuck on two choices my first being the most popular, the science vessel. But all these ships come in at a minimum of $200 USD, this means few will buy it outside of earning it in the game. So my vote went to the third starter.

I likely won’t get one myself but think of the game upon full release. New players are only going to come in on the minimum. This means two choices with a couple of variants. That will be thousands of the same ships being run into over and over in the central planets. A bit of diversity would be nice, say a choice of six starter ships. A cargo freighter (Aurora), a racer (Mustang), a small length explorer (something with jump engine and mid range scanner), a small salvage/mining vessel (for core planets in its start zone), and a couple others to flesh it out. I think all can agree it would be a much more colorful world!

– Shorty McDuff


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