App review – Daddy Long Legs

So I’m addicted to this great little game. It’s called Daddy Long Legs by Set Snail. For both Android and Iphone so no one is left behind.

It is a distance game in the style of QWOP but far simpler controls, but no less difficult. From my understanding of it (some artistic licence from the reviewer here) you play a daddy long legs spider buy the name of Jim. Some evil child has kidnapped your family and torn off four of you legs leaving you bipedal. Your mission is to then learn to walk in this new fashion and rescue your family.

Your score is tracked simply by how far you travel with some hard achievements to get along the way, such as reaching 50 meters three times in a row. My record is 28.57m. A nice reward is as you get further some unknown force throws confetti at you. It is inspiring to get further and see more colour rain down.

Get the game, give it a go and tell me how far you get.



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