Now is the time to be part of something bigger

The UEE is a glorious empire, who’s combined might is a crucible of protection and comfort but will this always be so?  Which side will you be on when the empire crumbles?  Seek shelter on neither side, in a time of war alliances and war bands will battle and destroy one another.  Instead look to those who wish to take refuge during times of turmoil in secret places, ancient places.

Don’t be shy, the young pilot shall ascend to command entire fleets seek your wings and fly.  Lowly factory workers shall oversee construction of new industry’s, forge the steel of adventure.  Scouts shall become diplomats to alien races, speak as a poet with a silver tongue.  Do you have the what it takes to rise through the ranks and explore more, see more, do more. Command men and comrades alike, in times of strife take control and lead a strike against attacking forces turn the tide and repel those who seek to do harm.  We need people like you, if this energizes you if it thrills you seek us.

We are always open to applications, show us your interest by applying.  Join us today, harness the stars tomorrow.


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