The flight that wasn’t

So last weekend I went down south for a wedding. Things went great, smooth ceremony with great weather. But the ride back, not so smooth. We were set to travel with Jetstar. We arrived a good time before final check in, got into the line and waited. Soon came a call over the intercom, but with about 30 Asian tourists and other people in front of us and others and lots of noise in a busy airport, no one could understand the intercom and passed it off as another air line. It turns out it was the final check in call for the flight we were still waiting in line for. So due to getting there on time, waiting in cue, and doing everything a normal person would given their instructions we missed the flight and had to pay again to catch another one the next day. Absolutely crap service from Jetstar leading us to decide to never fly with them again. Air New Zealand will be our future choice.


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