Something crazy happened on kickstarter

A while back in October i made a post about zombies in space.  This ongoing fiction saga i write is actually related to a game called Zpocalypse.  Something shocking took place on this games kickstarter page about 10-11 hours ago.  70 or so backers just up and left.  How did this happen?  Why did this happen?  The truth will likely never be known but it was shocking! numbing even.  So in response to this i wrote a huge next part to my fiction as a show of dedication to the game i love and the company i want to support.  You can read it here.  Please spread the word about Zpocalypse they only have 14 days left, and now especially still need quite alot more backers to reach its basic goal.

The game is going to be just amazing, i wish more people would take the time to just have a read on kickstarter.  Thanks alot for taking the time to read this and stay frosty!


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