Trailer Review: Insurgent

The teaser trailer for Insurgent went live today. This as many know is the movie sequel to this years film Divergent the story of Beatrice Prior aka Tris (played by Shailene Woodley) and the distopian world she lives in. The series is based on a series of books popular in the teen craze written by  Veronica Roth. Yet another franchise latched onto by Hollywood to hook in viewers. Think the likes of Twilight and The Hunger Games.

Now the new trailer itself see’s Tris with a new shorter, spunkier hairstyle running and jumping around a crumbling city talking to the visage of her dead mother. Clearly this is a dream about the guilt she feels over partially being at cause for her mothers death. I am glad to say that this looks like it will be early in the film and unlike so many trailers these days shows no signs of spoilers.

The CGI is solid as we have come to expect these days and with a solid direction will play out very well in 3D without all the cheesy items being thrown at the camera that too many saw in the first days. The soundtrack falls short on this one though. Some common used sound effects stand out early on, and the music is very cliche for fantasy action trailers. I would like to hear softer music and see less hard text over action trailers to give them a dreamy almost juxtaposed feel.

With this new installment I do hope to see more over the wall and those who dwell there. What was that fence built to keep out? I dare not read the books as I don’t want the spoilers and I have too many books on my plate. Foremost being Clive Barkers Aberat series.

So for its solid feel, lack of spoilers and crisp visuals I do give this one credit.


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