Tip #3

yo, sup space truckers?  Feeling the need for something sweet?  You might want to read this if so, its sweet advice!

Everyone loves sugar right?  Its in almost all food we eat today.  Its the sweet of the sweet that makes you feel great, hits the pleasure center of your brain.  But is it good for you?  That’s what matters right?

According to this article it depends on how you have your sugar.  Turns out if you have fiber with your sugar its not so bad after all, but all too often we love an instant sugar hit.  Cakes and deserts alright since it contains fiber in fact its been suggested that comfort foods can have a positive spin on mental health.  However avoid high fructose corn syrup as much as possible.  This is because foods that usually contain this sweetner have zero nutritional value.  Like most things in life, in moderation things aren’t gonna do much harm so having coke once in a while isn’t going to be so bad, but having it daily aint too good.  Life is sweet enough.

Carry on Space Truckers, catch you in the verse!


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