TIP #4

That time again, spaceeeeee trucking – gotta eat like a pro……….

But, what about exercise brah?  For all yo guys, i’m talking about Testosterone.  Need energy to game all night, testosterone it’s a big part of this yes, lady’s you need Estrogen to feel fine never know when you might meet a man – hot space ace 😀

Alot of techniques can improve testosterone, some are easier than you might think.  Based on this article sleep is one of the most important things for testosterone production, realizing though this article might be seeming a bit counter gaming-productive ^^ who needs sleep HAHA!  The amount of sleep you get brah isn’t that important its the quality of sleep your getting.  On that note below is a list of things you can do to improve sleep.

Lights out!  Sleeping in a completely dark room does alot to improve sleep, not just talking about your room light but all lights, switch off that power sucking standby led monitor 😀  There is a reason for this, Melatonin is produced by your body when sleeping, all important for quality of sleep.  I experimented with this and i honestly can say, cloud 9… ahem where was i.. Sandi ^^

Do you have a wireless router next to your head when sleeping?  Is your phone glued to your ear like an android?  Brah that’s a real headcase, turn that microwave off when your head is like a rock.  It messes with your fuzzy logic, primarily the pineal gland.

Last one spacers, my crew needs me ya know… space whales n all 😀

Socks brofo’s socks.  Wearing socks to bed helps regulate circulation in your feet, ahem Sandi……. wear socks brofo’s 🙂

That’s all from me spacers n truckers.  Keep things real, oh wait starcitizen 😀

Where’d i park my space whale


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