TIP #5

Sup space truckers.  So you wanna haulass in deepspace trading salvage n cargo?  The work of a true gritty space pilot indeed! You need the right start to your day yeah?  brah’s listen up ive got just the thing – here’s the ticket:

You need the following for this meal braddah’s

1 small pita bread


One egg

3 small breakfast sausages

Olive oil

Cracked pepper

One fresh tomato

Toast that pita bread man, fry an egg with olive oil n whiz that egg on your pita like it was nothin.  Cut some cheese slices fling them on that egg as if your mom was doing it her self, crank some pepper but something’s missing braddah’s.  You got it, protein brah its a hard life in space!, better put your egg o lay pita in the warmer so it survives the cold dark of your kitchen :3  Bang some sausages in the grill get those protein logs grillin meanwhile fry those tomato’s with some olive oil slice n dice braddah’s golden rule – olive oil helps improve the health properties of fried tomato’s

Brah’s also sexy space vixens :D, listen up once its all slapped together you need some liquid balanceification.  Maybe water is your gig, if you prefer something a lil tastier try this.

If your into the British way go for tea, if not go for coffee n do the java jangle fighting them pirates :3  Some suggested additives however, sweeten the deal with honey if available Manuka honey for its pure health properties with a taste twist. Sprinkle a lil cinnamon on your choosen brew, the taste will blow you into the next universe it also features proven health benefits.

Now get out there and haulass, watch out for them pirates YARRRRR


Speaking of pirates, this’ll get you in the mood for some realdeal heavy liftin spacesextripping salvage grabbin

The dwarf is amazing 😀  any dwarfs out there wanna join our crew APPLY!

Catch you next time Space truckers.


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