My mind is electric

Sparks flow, ideas creep they go I think a new day dawns rational goes out the window as i  battle logic my conscious my mind clamping down with ratchet in hand ready to get underway the boats leaving cept ive got a liferaft come now bring it about reboot reflow my intellect only beginning to show turn the crank spin the wheel the light blinks anyone at home oh no stop me before i go too slow come watch and i’ll show you how deep this goes wanna journey to the brink lets go.

Break to reason, shapes form twist to conform textures polygons hexagons its all the same if you like pluggingin snap in like it was breaking wood crystallize features mimicking before your eyes copycat relics of the past aligned to present days future days hoping for better days better ways always improving always developing dreamin like calidreams featuring hues of blue, shades of white, magic filters templates adjusting your life like it was easylivin twist of the wrist flick of the finger quicker than cs, all in a days work.

upgrade outdate phazeout, keep swagging never bragin.

^ thoughts on unrealengine4 development ^^

Also its free as of today –

Get unreal, get crazy!


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