Tip #7 Meat and Nuts for breakfast +1 win

So you like eating meat?  Got a story for you, try this.  First thing flick ya wrist slam the spam go nutty over nuts drink java like you own it smash the competition like their putty, on the ball diet n all so lemme breakthatdown faster than breaknecking. During my travels around the interwebs i stumbled upon something nutty the meat and nut breakfast diet.  

Now brothers you might be thinking has this fella cracked, whats he on about?  Sure sometimes might be ok but every morning?  You lost it my brother!  That’s right i lost it i ate it i felt it but dont take my word for it, there’s established science behind this.

Nuts are known as energy power houses, any nut is good with differing advantages.  Now if you combine this with lean meat that’s one champion packed meal, the best time to have this bulky carb filled protein busting meal is breakfast cause its how our body’s are wired. So you wanna get ripped?  Wanna bulk up like the hulk?  Wanna be a speed demon like a freak off your lease ripping through everything in life and your day?  Try this diet and you will have indisputable results.

Game hard, play hard live harder


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