Tip #9 Improving digestion

Have you ever suffered from inflamed muscles?  your digestive bits felt like they were on fire?  I may have just the cure for your blues.


Leaky gut syndrome‘ is no laughing matter, its believed to be the underlying cause of many problems including gluten intolerance, irritable bowl syndrome along with other unpleasant hospital terms.


However help may be at hand, a few people have discovered ways to repair their digestive system ‘Did i say system, wheres RSI when you need them’.    According to the following article these steps are needed to repair your digestive organs.


  1. REMOVE foods and factors that damage the gut
  2. REPLACE with healing foods
  3. REPAIR with specific supplements
  4. REBALANCE with probiotics

There’s also merit in spicing up, try some Tumeric in warm milk twist it with a dash of chili sweeten the deal with some honey.  Top it off with some yogurt afterwards and you’ve got a double whammy to those nasty bugs down there ‘you know where :D’


Get well, set yourself to cruise and blast off.




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