Tip #10 Updating and rerolling

Been sometime since i posted, its all gravy but moving on riddlers.  Its about time i divulged some new tricks, cue tips – recaps included no chalk.


8 tricks to improve your game ‘in life’

#1 Roasted Almonds, these great nuts provide calcium and potassium

#2 Brazil nuts, excellent source of selenium.  Mind having too many daily max of 2

#3 Coconut oil, contains good quantity’s of lauric acid

#4 Turmeric for curcumin, mix this and Coconut oil for a great mouth wash

#5 Lard, undisputedly one of the healthiest oils for cooking and general use

#6 Drinking tea with food stops iron being absorbed

#7 Coffee acidify’s your body whilst salted water makes it alkaline.

#8 Drinking water with food is the best way to rehydrate than water alone.


Following these tips may offer some significant health benefits.  I’ll share a story with you all of something ive suffered from for a number of years and how i tackled it.  Ive had a nasty tooth infection on and off for sometime, no money to visit the dentist and quite frankly not all that interested.  So what was i to do?  All this knowledge ive accumulated, there must be a way to resolve it.  One night I stumbled on a great article about tooth infections

Noticed in the article this very interesting paragraph

“Both tooth decay and gum disease are caused by an overgrowth of aggressive oral bacteria, Streptococcus mutans (S. mutans).  Very quickly after eating sugar, sticky glycoproteins adhere to your teeth. S. mutans can stick to the glycoproteins.  S. mutans digests fructose in the mouth to create energy.  Lactic acid is a byproduct of their metabolic process.   It is the lactic acid that causes cavities by dissolving the calcium phosphate in tooth enamel.”


Ok i thought why didn’t i ever think of this before, we are taught from a young age to brush and floss daily atleast 2 times a day.  This gets rid of the plaque and food debris but does it get rid of the bacteria?  Somehow i doubt it.  So what gets rid of the bacteria? which is actually the root cause.  This little bogger  Streptococcus mutans is one of the culprits. According to this wiki page turmeric kills it pretty good along with a host of other nasty’s. So what i did was got some Coconut oil combined with a little turmeric powder then swished for about 10 mins.  Tonight my mouth has never felt cleaner.  If coconut oil is difficult to buy as it may be in some country’s you could mix turmeric with milk or just water, olive oil would work well.


Truck on Space Truckers, be well and enjoy your game 😀



Tip #9 Improving digestion

Have you ever suffered from inflamed muscles?  your digestive bits felt like they were on fire?  I may have just the cure for your blues.


Leaky gut syndrome‘ is no laughing matter, its believed to be the underlying cause of many problems including gluten intolerance, irritable bowl syndrome along with other unpleasant hospital terms.


However help may be at hand, a few people have discovered ways to repair their digestive system ‘Did i say system, wheres RSI when you need them’.    According to the following article these steps are needed to repair your digestive organs.


  1. REMOVE foods and factors that damage the gut
  2. REPLACE with healing foods
  3. REPAIR with specific supplements
  4. REBALANCE with probiotics

There’s also merit in spicing up, try some Tumeric in warm milk twist it with a dash of chili sweeten the deal with some honey.  Top it off with some yogurt afterwards and you’ve got a double whammy to those nasty bugs down there ‘you know where :D’


Get well, set yourself to cruise and blast off.



Tip #8 Keeping it real

So its been a while since i posted yo. Stuff n stuff happening you know how it is. My knowledge has been on the up and up, for your pleasure i’ll now share that.

Right, so one of the biggest problems in many western diets is not eating the right proportion of food groups. Most significantly grains, more grains are eaten than many other food groups in western diets.

Why i say grains is cause they contain phytic acid which naturally occurs in nature only our body’s aren’t meant to digest phytic acid. This explains in much more detail what phytic acid is – phytic acid is there to protect the grains nutrients so it can grow into a plant but the problem is our body’s need its contents. Phytic acid isn’t all bad and has some benefits only if you want max bioavailability read on.

So what can be done about this, how can we crack this extract the good throw out the bad?

Soaking seeds, grains and beans in salted water for a number of hours drastically lowers the phytic acid meaning our body’s get more of the good. Grains seeds nuts and beans high in phytic acid pass straight through so you see it makes sense to increase the bioavailability. Once soaking is completed, drying is needed fireup your oven roast em – this allows storage and increases flavour. Dehydrators alternatively are the cheaper option.

Ancient cultures used to ferment many foods, this is one of the biggest things removed from western diets today. The significance of this cannot be understated, in many eastern cultures where supposedly bad foods are consumed in large amounts unsurprisingly many of the biggest health concerns with most modern western nations have much lower occurrences. The reason fermenting food is good other than lowering phytic acid introduces good micronutrients such as good bacteria’s and makes food easier to digest.

Additionally removing phytic acid from your diet can improve tooth and bone health.

That’s it from me, till next time truck on!

For the might of the UEE


Tip #7 Meat and Nuts for breakfast +1 win

So you like eating meat?  Got a story for you, try this.  First thing flick ya wrist slam the spam go nutty over nuts drink java like you own it smash the competition like their putty, on the ball diet n all so lemme breakthatdown faster than breaknecking. During my travels around the interwebs i stumbled upon something nutty the meat and nut breakfast diet.  

Now brothers you might be thinking has this fella cracked, whats he on about?  Sure sometimes might be ok but every morning?  You lost it my brother!  That’s right i lost it i ate it i felt it but dont take my word for it, there’s established science behind this.

Nuts are known as energy power houses, any nut is good with differing advantages.  Now if you combine this with lean meat that’s one champion packed meal, the best time to have this bulky carb filled protein busting meal is breakfast cause its how our body’s are wired. So you wanna get ripped?  Wanna bulk up like the hulk?  Wanna be a speed demon like a freak off your lease ripping through everything in life and your day?  Try this diet and you will have indisputable results.

Game hard, play hard live harder

TIP #6

Coffee, we all drink it but what to do wit it?  How can you best drink be top of your game in check on that trigger finger?

Well heres the thing, see don’t drink that brew late in the day or night drink first thing in the morn man get outta ya bed slap some eggs on the stove or some bunz in the toaster, slam that hot cup of java back your body will thank you later go burn some noobz with that fighting edge.

So what does all this mean homies?  Caffeine has a profound effect on insulin production if used correctly can actually be health beneficial.  Its all about how its used, gotta eat before downing that java buzz.  Knock some sugar out as well, you’ll thank me later.  Keep it real, limit your java intake life will be good.

Game hard, play hard rock on Space Truckers \m/

TIP #5

Sup space truckers.  So you wanna haulass in deepspace trading salvage n cargo?  The work of a true gritty space pilot indeed! You need the right start to your day yeah?  brah’s listen up ive got just the thing – here’s the ticket:

You need the following for this meal braddah’s

1 small pita bread


One egg

3 small breakfast sausages

Olive oil

Cracked pepper

One fresh tomato

Toast that pita bread man, fry an egg with olive oil n whiz that egg on your pita like it was nothin.  Cut some cheese slices fling them on that egg as if your mom was doing it her self, crank some pepper but something’s missing braddah’s.  You got it, protein brah its a hard life in space!, better put your egg o lay pita in the warmer so it survives the cold dark of your kitchen :3  Bang some sausages in the grill get those protein logs grillin meanwhile fry those tomato’s with some olive oil slice n dice braddah’s golden rule – olive oil helps improve the health properties of fried tomato’s

Brah’s also sexy space vixens :D, listen up once its all slapped together you need some liquid balanceification.  Maybe water is your gig, if you prefer something a lil tastier try this.

If your into the British way go for tea, if not go for coffee n do the java jangle fighting them pirates :3  Some suggested additives however, sweeten the deal with honey if available Manuka honey for its pure health properties with a taste twist. Sprinkle a lil cinnamon on your choosen brew, the taste will blow you into the next universe it also features proven health benefits.

Now get out there and haulass, watch out for them pirates YARRRRR


Speaking of pirates, this’ll get you in the mood for some realdeal heavy liftin spacesextripping salvage grabbin

The dwarf is amazing 😀  any dwarfs out there wanna join our crew APPLY!

Catch you next time Space truckers.

TIP #4

That time again, spaceeeeee trucking – gotta eat like a pro……….

But, what about exercise brah?  For all yo guys, i’m talking about Testosterone.  Need energy to game all night, testosterone it’s a big part of this yes, lady’s you need Estrogen to feel fine never know when you might meet a man – hot space ace 😀

Alot of techniques can improve testosterone, some are easier than you might think.  Based on this article sleep is one of the most important things for testosterone production, realizing though this article might be seeming a bit counter gaming-productive ^^ who needs sleep HAHA!  The amount of sleep you get brah isn’t that important its the quality of sleep your getting.  On that note below is a list of things you can do to improve sleep.

Lights out!  Sleeping in a completely dark room does alot to improve sleep, not just talking about your room light but all lights, switch off that power sucking standby led monitor 😀  There is a reason for this, Melatonin is produced by your body when sleeping, all important for quality of sleep.  I experimented with this and i honestly can say, cloud 9… ahem where was i.. Sandi ^^

Do you have a wireless router next to your head when sleeping?  Is your phone glued to your ear like an android?  Brah that’s a real headcase, turn that microwave off when your head is like a rock.  It messes with your fuzzy logic, primarily the pineal gland.

Last one spacers, my crew needs me ya know… space whales n all 😀

Socks brofo’s socks.  Wearing socks to bed helps regulate circulation in your feet, ahem Sandi……. wear socks brofo’s 🙂

That’s all from me spacers n truckers.  Keep things real, oh wait starcitizen 😀

Where’d i park my space whale

Tip #3

yo, sup space truckers?  Feeling the need for something sweet?  You might want to read this if so, its sweet advice!

Everyone loves sugar right?  Its in almost all food we eat today.  Its the sweet of the sweet that makes you feel great, hits the pleasure center of your brain.  But is it good for you?  That’s what matters right?

According to this article it depends on how you have your sugar.  Turns out if you have fiber with your sugar its not so bad after all, but all too often we love an instant sugar hit.  Cakes and deserts alright since it contains fiber in fact its been suggested that comfort foods can have a positive spin on mental health.  However avoid high fructose corn syrup as much as possible.  This is because foods that usually contain this sweetner have zero nutritional value.  Like most things in life, in moderation things aren’t gonna do much harm so having coke once in a while isn’t going to be so bad, but having it daily aint too good.  Life is sweet enough.

Carry on Space Truckers, catch you in the verse!

Tip #2

Its that time again space truckers, yes its time for another healthy eating tip to improve your gaming style.

Today i’d like to talk about an amazing spice known as Turmeric.  This very average somewhat boring looking Indian spice actually contains a wealth of health benefits.  Many people *myself included* thought this spice was merely something that added a little color to your average curry and a very mild flavor.  It does this and much more…..

Turmeric grows in the wild as a sort of leafy herb with the leafs of the plants being valued for various things by different cultures, however the spice its self is actually harvested from the plants roots which are boiled and ground down into powder. The flavor of the powder adds some nice but subtle elements to any good curry, its amazing in mashed potato’s do try it 😀

Ok so you know about the spice’s use in food but what about its health benefits?  The actual active property in Turmeric powder that provides its health benefits is called Curcumin.  Medical science is only now starting to understand the incredible health benefits that Curcumin can provide, along with many evidenced benefits its know that Curcumin is an antioxidant and anti inflammatory.  It can improve brain health and lower heart disease risk it is also believed to be a potent cancer fighting agent.  Details can be read here.

The key to using Curcumin as a health supplement is including it in your diet, only ingesting Curcumin is not like you would ingest most spices.  If wanting to use Turmeric for its health benefits its ineffective to consume with water, food works ok but the best way is to drink it with milk.  There is a scientific reason behind this and it’s because Turmeric and more specifically Curcumin is not water soluble, but when the powder is combined with milk the Curcumin molecules combine with the fat molecules found in milk and this allows the Curcumin to pass what is known as the blood brain barrier. In effect what this does is delivers healthy doses of Curcumin directly to the brain and this provides some of the most significant health benefits.  A basic recipe to prepare a drink like this would be to boil some milk with Turmeric in it, and just before its consumed add a little honey for flavor and sweetness.  This is also a home remedy that Indian mothers have given their children for 100’s of years.  I also learnt through my own experimentation that you can add black pepper to increase what is known as bioavailability, what this actually means is it increases on a large scale the amount of Curcumin your body absorbs and makes use of.  Talk about becoming bionic!  One word of caution – Turmeric stains worse than your gf’s nail polish, don’t get that stuff anywhere near your StarCitizen towel or wingman will find you and slap you.  On that note i have an announcement to make about Eric “WingMan” Peterson but i’ll do that in another post.

This wraps up another health tip for improving your gaming health, keep on space trucking space dudes!