Freeflight Gamescom 2016

Calling all pilots, Freeflight is once again opened up by CIG.  Get your flight suit and pilots pass here


Rock on


Some crazy tunes for spacing

Sometime this century i was introduced to a genre of music known as synthwave.  Lately ive been listening to this as background music whilst playing Starcitizen, friends let me tell you it will open another world for you.


I’ll begin with this classic piece

The bass line is amazing.


This track is kickass too, dont fire too many missiles you crazy pilot haha


Synthwave is best defined as a improvement and progression of New Wave, a genre which was best defined in the 80’s.  Synthwave is the modern re-imagination of this genre using uptodate equipment samplers and techniques.  Much of the music is themed on the 80’s along with many science fiction ideas and ideas of the day but its kind of more rev’d up.  A term ive come to use is hyper 80’s newwave as newwave in the 80’s was fitting but this music isn’t much at all like the 80’s were yet its better in many ways.  Thus its something new and modern but is styled on music of that time.


More can be read about Synthwave here, enjoy your audio adventure 😮

RSI wow’s crowds at Gamescom

Today was RSI’s presentation for the annual Gamescom event in Germany, Cologne. The event kicked off with Sandi Gardiner making a nice speech to many bemused Germans in their native language. As events progressed Chris Roberts unveiled a new line of controllers created in association with Saitek which no doubt will be for sale soon. Will be sure to post details about that at a later date.

Finally in the last 20 minutes of the event an absolutely jaw dropping demonstration took place of soon to be released new content.

The gameplay is based around locating a derelict Retaliator

And restoring it back to fully functional working condition with yourself and a group of friends. But its not over there, the next thing you know your being attacked by a constellation

Its battlestations and chaos. Finally a successful jump back to the space station is required and takecare landing that huge barge, easy on the paint 😮

This makes for some riveting and exciting game play in the highest degree. Recover the derelict, coming to a Star Citizen client near you.

Keep on trucking space truckers!

A decision has been reached!

The CEO’s of Sertco hereby name their flagship the SC Erebus with the credentials SC standing for our proud corporations name.

As soon as docking facility’s are available her maiden voyage will commence.  All employee’s are urged to consider serving as part of her crew, you may contact any one of the council members via Sertco’s HQ.

CEO’s @ Sertco are currently in discussion on the naming of their flagship the Banu Merchant Man

Like all strong naval traditions, a valiant captain must have a well named ship no matter if in space or over the sea.  Results are pending and will be updated once a decision has been reached.

In the mean time, as the editor on this information portal i think this fits the bill

Sppaceeeeeeee whaleeeeeeeeeee



Today @ Sertco

A historic event has taken place in the last 24 hours.  A pledge of support and confidence has been given for Operation Pitchfork.  More details on this can be found here –

In other news a significant new communication resource has been rolled out and is now active.  Contact your nearest CEO to gain access to this.

Train hard, fight with honor – for the valor and prestige of the UEE

Signed off – Dranor Zylander