Today a great thing has taken place

It is my honor to announce the newly formed alliance between STOIC and SERTCO.  We welcome and salute our brothers.

In other news, communications services are rolling out.  A news post will be made available when there is a more direct approach for members and allies alike to communicate.

Signed off – Dranor Zylander

Member of the Council of Three


SERTCO aquires Banu Merchant Man

Today SERTCO under authorization of the Council of Three purchased its newest asset and vessel, a Banu Merchant Man. The nearest Banu representative was contacted and trade talks commenced.  The vessel is to be delivered and outfitted asap and put into regular service.  All employee’s are advised if they would like to serve on this new ship to contact one of the council members and show your interest.

Signed off – Dranor Zylander

Now is the time to be part of something bigger

The UEE is a glorious empire, who’s combined might is a crucible of protection and comfort but will this always be so?  Which side will you be on when the empire crumbles?  Seek shelter on neither side, in a time of war alliances and war bands will battle and destroy one another.  Instead look to those who wish to take refuge during times of turmoil in secret places, ancient places.

Don’t be shy, the young pilot shall ascend to command entire fleets seek your wings and fly.  Lowly factory workers shall oversee construction of new industry’s, forge the steel of adventure.  Scouts shall become diplomats to alien races, speak as a poet with a silver tongue.  Do you have the what it takes to rise through the ranks and explore more, see more, do more. Command men and comrades alike, in times of strife take control and lead a strike against attacking forces turn the tide and repel those who seek to do harm.  We need people like you, if this energizes you if it thrills you seek us.

We are always open to applications, show us your interest by applying.  Join us today, harness the stars tomorrow.


With the latest Letter from the Chairman ($55 mill, way to go community) for Star Citizen we got to vote on another ship. This is great as more ships means more choice and more flavor in the universe. I found myself stuck on two choices my first being the most popular, the science vessel. But all these ships come in at a minimum of $200 USD, this means few will buy it outside of earning it in the game. So my vote went to the third starter.

I likely won’t get one myself but think of the game upon full release. New players are only going to come in on the minimum. This means two choices with a couple of variants. That will be thousands of the same ships being run into over and over in the central planets. A bit of diversity would be nice, say a choice of six starter ships. A cargo freighter (Aurora), a racer (Mustang), a small length explorer (something with jump engine and mid range scanner), a small salvage/mining vessel (for core planets in its start zone), and a couple others to flesh it out. I think all can agree it would be a much more colorful world!

– Shorty McDuff

Get the ball rolling

We plan to add a lot of features and content to this blog. If your interested in joining SERTCO, we are currently recruiting. For the time being you can join via our official org site. We may setup a Teamspeak server that amongst other things will be the first place to start your recruitment process.

Thanks heaps for taking the time to visit and we hope to see you in the verse.

-Dranor Zylander