Shepard’s child in mass effect 4? WTF

I just watched a video with alot of speculation on this, its one possibility to continue the story.  Never thought of that can see how it would link into mass effect 3 for carryover saves.

Whilst there’s some confirmations there, only speculation at this time about Shepard having a possible child as the lead character.  If it turns out to be true, that’s awesome.

A newer video has confirmed the Mako will be returning, further its been predicted it may release sometime April or May next year.



Battlefront reborn!

Amidst the craziness of the new Star Wars movies comes something unexpected, Battlefront.  Watch the jaw dropping trailer and be amazed.

Whoever said the series was dead had another thing coming.  Calling all Jedi’s and Sith your training resumes now!

Here’s the full article

Credits to shortymcduff for letting me know about this great development.

Farlight Explorers – Amazing new Scifi sandbox survival game

Craft and build your own space empire.

Im blown away by this game, its very early days in terms of development right now but the game already features alot of great content.  You start out as a marooned space pilot who’s just emerged from his lifepod after landing on a planet of your choice.

You have only a few basic supplies to begin with and a laser cutter to mine raw ores with which you can begin building a small base and habitat.  There is no breathable oxygen so that’s something you need to solve fairly quickly with crafting various machines to address this.

Later on more advanced crafting allows the player to build a pilotable spaceship with which you can explore other planets.  Building materials are placed as blocks for now, with other items also such as water pipes and power cables to connect your infrastructure.  These building materials can also be moved around to a number of positions so that the player has a great degree of customization.  It’s even possible to embed cables inside building materials for a very clean and tidy look.

Its worth the time to check out, i fully recommend this one even if you want to wait and watch it for a while.

+1 Space Truckers!

Hi there space truckers

Do you like indy games? Do you like supporting indy games? Starcitizen was funded by people like you as well.

Its my pleasure to announce a game that is gaining ground and is featured on steam greenlitethequantumprinciple

Are you someone who remembers games such as Solarwinds? Or games as famous as Starcontrol 2?

Would you like to experience these enduring memory’s again but with up to date graphics and a modern game engine, new story’s and strange worlds to discover? The creator is just one guy, hes doing it all on his own and he needs your support. So if you like what you see help a struggling game developer out. It’ll be one epic ride once finished, get on board and join in the fun.