Today a victory was won for modders and gaming community

After much debate and huge backlash from the global community Valve has had its hand turned and forced to remove the highly controversial paid mods scheme.

PCGamer said “A representative from Valve has announced that the company will remove Steam Workshop’s controversial paid mods functionality. In a post today, Valve employee Alden Kroll confirmed that the functionality will be removed, and all customers who have paid for mods will be refunded. The move has been made with Bethesda’s blessing, Kroll added.”

“We’ve done this because it’s clear we didn’t understand exactly what we were doing,” Kroll wrote. “We’ve been shipping many features over the years aimed at allowing community creators to receive a share of the rewards, and in the past, they’ve been received well. It’s obvious now that this case is different.”

An updated article by PCGamer provided a response from Bethesda on the matter “We have a long history with modding, dating back to 2002 with The Elder Scrolls Construction Set,” it wrote in a new Bethesda Blog post. “It’s our belief that our games become something much more with the promise of making it your own.” There are downsides: The availability of mods is one of the reasons Oblivion was re-rated from T to M, “costing us millions of dollars,” it continued. Even so, “while others in the industry went away from it, we pushed more toward it.”

Its almost enough to make you wanna flip.


Music meets Math

James Revels might just have a great idea here!

Audio SeXXX


So what happens when music, graph theory and network theory meet. An awesome way to coordinate automation for music. Although I’m posting this while on bus via phone I’ll try my best to explain this. First for non sound engineers, automation is where you change a parameter, such as volume, as if you had an imaginary hand turning a knob as the song plays. This is seen in the program as a simple graph like the diagram as the top to the left of the bar (well, its a simple, directed graph since it moves forward in time, which comes in play near end). The second graph right of the partition is what I call an “isomorphic superposition”. Lets break this down. Isomorphism in graph theory simply means that all the connection between points are exactly the same when two graphs are compared. Superposition is fancy for placed over top…

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Valve sells mods for Skyrim

So i read that Valve has started selling Skyrim mods on steam and that this is a legal monetization agreement with Bethesda.  The spirit of modding games has always been to provide free modifications for others in any particular gaming community to make use of and Valve doing this goes against this entire belief.

The economics of it are seriously bungled as well, with modders only getting 25% per sale of the total sale price.  Its not difficult to see that if Valve extend this to other games its going to destroy community contributions on Steam, not the end of the world but how many people will get on the bandwagon for the sake of making money?

The idea in theory is a good one, its just being poorly executed with speculation that Bethesda is trying to make money from others hard work which i think is terrible.

As quoted here

Here’s some fun with theoretical extrapolations of this concept. Let’s say that Bethesda wants to make another Skyrim DLC expansion involving some new order of warriors. They want to make their signature weapon a flail, but the oddly behaving weapon is proving difficult to animate and operate effectively on PC. Under this new system do they A) work really hard to get past the issue and release the flail at launch or B) say “oh the modders have flails, let’s just promote their mod in the store.” Under the old system, Bethesda would have been motivated to make the flail themselves, but under the new one, someone is doing it for them, and they’re taking up to 75% of the revenue for each flail sold. I’m not saying this would for sure be their philosophy going forward, but when a company can charge handily for someone adding extra content into their game, you can bet that the opportunity for exploitation is there.

Never fear however, there are good alternatives around try for all your future modding needs on Skyrim and others.

Nerdcore, whats it all about?

Some of you may of heard of this genre called Nerdcore, doesn’t sound that legit? It had some noobish beginnings, now its becoming a serious defined genre.

As quoted from the Nerdcore wiki page

Nerdcore is a genre of hip hop music characterized by themes and subject matter considered to be of general interest to nerds.

One of the better known artists MC Frontalot raps about games, computers all manner of geekdom and nerdism ^^ As a bonus hes a web designer so if you need a website designed he’ll dream up a great design as he raps up a storm at the same time LMAO

If you like rap about all things Geek, Nerd + Fandom inc Starwars check out these exotic breaks

Till next time Space Truckers

Zombies invade your nearest online store

So there’s this struggling group of developers making a game true to George a Romero’s style of zombie filled fun.  That games name is The Dead Linger, in development by a company called Sandswept.  This banging game, when it has something that goes bang is a fps featuring multiplayer mayhem, later drivable vehicles even welding armour to your shred-o-matic wagon.  Think madmax with a Romero style twist, sorry Mel 😀

The game has undergone a number of transformations in its history, now its really coming together.  These guys gotta eat man, karma goes around slam the pizza button with your leftclick finger if you feel like sharing.

Anyway, the game its self is worth while watching in time its gonna be hot but for now need a warm up?  try this.  Linger a little, and see what this amazing box of digital filled zombie goodness will serve up.


My mind is electric

Sparks flow, ideas creep they go I think a new day dawns rational goes out the window as i  battle logic my conscious my mind clamping down with ratchet in hand ready to get underway the boats leaving cept ive got a liferaft come now bring it about reboot reflow my intellect only beginning to show turn the crank spin the wheel the light blinks anyone at home oh no stop me before i go too slow come watch and i’ll show you how deep this goes wanna journey to the brink lets go.

Break to reason, shapes form twist to conform textures polygons hexagons its all the same if you like pluggingin snap in like it was breaking wood crystallize features mimicking before your eyes copycat relics of the past aligned to present days future days hoping for better days better ways always improving always developing dreamin like calidreams featuring hues of blue, shades of white, magic filters templates adjusting your life like it was easylivin twist of the wrist flick of the finger quicker than cs, all in a days work.

upgrade outdate phazeout, keep swagging never bragin.

^ thoughts on unrealengine4 development ^^

Also its free as of today –

Get unreal, get crazy!

The Warehouse, family friends or poor business practices?

So The Warehouse is taking R18 games and DVD’s off of their shelves. I see a few issues here.

A) if they do this they should stop selling gore filled books like Tom Clancy or Stephen King. Or “erotica” like 50 Shades of grey or will they continue to let children buy porn from their shelves?

B) This will only add fuel to the fire of the misguided and naive people that try to blame violent games and movies for breeding violent people. Its such nativity that helps lead to ignoring the real causes of issues and thus breeding violent people.

Trailer Review: Insurgent

The teaser trailer for Insurgent went live today. This as many know is the movie sequel to this years film Divergent the story of Beatrice Prior aka Tris (played by Shailene Woodley) and the distopian world she lives in. The series is based on a series of books popular in the teen craze written by  Veronica Roth. Yet another franchise latched onto by Hollywood to hook in viewers. Think the likes of Twilight and The Hunger Games.

Now the new trailer itself see’s Tris with a new shorter, spunkier hairstyle running and jumping around a crumbling city talking to the visage of her dead mother. Clearly this is a dream about the guilt she feels over partially being at cause for her mothers death. I am glad to say that this looks like it will be early in the film and unlike so many trailers these days shows no signs of spoilers.

The CGI is solid as we have come to expect these days and with a solid direction will play out very well in 3D without all the cheesy items being thrown at the camera that too many saw in the first days. The soundtrack falls short on this one though. Some common used sound effects stand out early on, and the music is very cliche for fantasy action trailers. I would like to hear softer music and see less hard text over action trailers to give them a dreamy almost juxtaposed feel.

With this new installment I do hope to see more over the wall and those who dwell there. What was that fence built to keep out? I dare not read the books as I don’t want the spoilers and I have too many books on my plate. Foremost being Clive Barkers Aberat series.

So for its solid feel, lack of spoilers and crisp visuals I do give this one credit.