Something crazy happened on kickstarter

A while back in October i made a post about zombies in space.  This ongoing fiction saga i write is actually related to a game called Zpocalypse.  Something shocking took place on this games kickstarter page about 10-11 hours ago.  70 or so backers just up and left.  How did this happen?  Why did this happen?  The truth will likely never be known but it was shocking! numbing even.  So in response to this i wrote a huge next part to my fiction as a show of dedication to the game i love and the company i want to support.  You can read it here.  Please spread the word about Zpocalypse they only have 14 days left, and now especially still need quite alot more backers to reach its basic goal.

The game is going to be just amazing, i wish more people would take the time to just have a read on kickstarter.  Thanks alot for taking the time to read this and stay frosty!


Macaulay Culkin dead….Yeah right!

So I had to have a little laugh at this one. I don’t know how it began but some time yesterday the internet went a blaze with the news that the once loved Home Alone star Macaulay Culkin had passed away. Now I absolutely loved him in Party Monster (everyone should see it) and was a little saddened. But not to fear as it was all a hoax and he is on tour with his band. I’d insert a you tube clip of them playing but I’ve not mastered that yet.

The flight that wasn’t

So last weekend I went down south for a wedding. Things went great, smooth ceremony with great weather. But the ride back, not so smooth. We were set to travel with Jetstar. We arrived a good time before final check in, got into the line and waited. Soon came a call over the intercom, but with about 30 Asian tourists and other people in front of us and others and lots of noise in a busy airport, no one could understand the intercom and passed it off as another air line. It turns out it was the final check in call for the flight we were still waiting in line for. So due to getting there on time, waiting in cue, and doing everything a normal person would given their instructions we missed the flight and had to pay again to catch another one the next day. Absolutely crap service from Jetstar leading us to decide to never fly with them again. Air New Zealand will be our future choice.

Bubble Militia

Here is just a random thought that struck me today while I was making my daughter smile blowing bubbles and watching the twirl across the yard. Soon I shall have to launch them from rooftops also.

People can not help but to smile when they see a bubble float by, this is more so when it is a random bubble of unknown origin. They hold a magical quality that leads one to think of the impossible. The Bubble Militia aims to fill the world with the joy of bubbles by releasing them in public places where smiles are needed most all the while trying to go unseen releasing these balls of happiness.

App review – Daddy Long Legs

So I’m addicted to this great little game. It’s called Daddy Long Legs by Set Snail. For both Android and Iphone so no one is left behind.

It is a distance game in the style of QWOP but far simpler controls, but no less difficult. From my understanding of it (some artistic licence from the reviewer here) you play a daddy long legs spider buy the name of Jim. Some evil child has kidnapped your family and torn off four of you legs leaving you bipedal. Your mission is to then learn to walk in this new fashion and rescue your family.

Your score is tracked simply by how far you travel with some hard achievements to get along the way, such as reaching 50 meters three times in a row. My record is 28.57m. A nice reward is as you get further some unknown force throws confetti at you. It is inspiring to get further and see more colour rain down.

Get the game, give it a go and tell me how far you get.


A shame when cops have to die

It almost seems common place to turn on the news and see the death of yet another officer, more so in America, and worse yet when its more than one. Alas Danny Oliver and Michael David Davis Jr were shot in the line of duty by Marcelo Marquez and his female partner. Our thoughts go with the families.

I don’t know what spurred the two to go on a shooting and car jacking spree but its always a shame when there is casualties to peoples foolishness. I’m sure the easy access to guns and drugs over there doesn’t help matters. We have shootings too sure, but with fewer guns on the streets, and even then only the most basic ones, it seems at times America does get the short end of the stick for safety.

Again, peace be with the families in this time of mourning.

– McDuff

Day light savings twisted journey

So I don’t fully understand what is going on with all this political agenda over in the middle east, but due to the Jewish holiday Yom Kippur and other factors it seems Israel is dumping, or at least cutting short day light savings this year. This seems to have caused some issue due to phones having it programmed to self change. If anyone has more detailed info or thoughts on the whole ordeal I’d love to hear them.

– McDuff

Zombie Apocalypse in Space!!!!!

Yes, the zombie apocalypse has reached outerspace, and im sure any moment 10 very hungry zombies will float over to your ship and not only eat their way through your ships hull but also you d:

Beware the space zombie, it lurks in every dark ships hull.

In the mean time, if your really bored waiting to see if the zspacepocalypse will affect Chris Roberts supreme command vessel the bengal carrier, you could read a brilliant fiction story i personally crafted for your reading pleasure.

Begin your adventure here. Have a brilliant argh-full day!

-Dranor Zylander