Tip #2

Its that time again space truckers, yes its time for another healthy eating tip to improve your gaming style.

Today i’d like to talk about an amazing spice known as Turmeric.  This very average somewhat boring looking Indian spice actually contains a wealth of health benefits.  Many people *myself included* thought this spice was merely something that added a little color to your average curry and a very mild flavor.  It does this and much more…..

Turmeric grows in the wild as a sort of leafy herb with the leafs of the plants being valued for various things by different cultures, however the spice its self is actually harvested from the plants roots which are boiled and ground down into powder. The flavor of the powder adds some nice but subtle elements to any good curry, its amazing in mashed potato’s do try it 😀

Ok so you know about the spice’s use in food but what about its health benefits?  The actual active property in Turmeric powder that provides its health benefits is called Curcumin.  Medical science is only now starting to understand the incredible health benefits that Curcumin can provide, along with many evidenced benefits its know that Curcumin is an antioxidant and anti inflammatory.  It can improve brain health and lower heart disease risk it is also believed to be a potent cancer fighting agent.  Details can be read here.

The key to using Curcumin as a health supplement is including it in your diet, only ingesting Curcumin is not like you would ingest most spices.  If wanting to use Turmeric for its health benefits its ineffective to consume with water, food works ok but the best way is to drink it with milk.  There is a scientific reason behind this and it’s because Turmeric and more specifically Curcumin is not water soluble, but when the powder is combined with milk the Curcumin molecules combine with the fat molecules found in milk and this allows the Curcumin to pass what is known as the blood brain barrier. In effect what this does is delivers healthy doses of Curcumin directly to the brain and this provides some of the most significant health benefits.  A basic recipe to prepare a drink like this would be to boil some milk with Turmeric in it, and just before its consumed add a little honey for flavor and sweetness.  This is also a home remedy that Indian mothers have given their children for 100’s of years.  I also learnt through my own experimentation that you can add black pepper to increase what is known as bioavailability, what this actually means is it increases on a large scale the amount of Curcumin your body absorbs and makes use of.  Talk about becoming bionic!  One word of caution – Turmeric stains worse than your gf’s nail polish, don’t get that stuff anywhere near your StarCitizen towel or wingman will find you and slap you.  On that note i have an announcement to make about Eric “WingMan” Peterson but i’ll do that in another post.

This wraps up another health tip for improving your gaming health, keep on space trucking space dudes!


Perfectly cooked rice

I thought I would contribute to the health and well being of space community with a couple of posts on cooking to get things cooked well. This first one will be on perfect microwave rice. Later posts will include how to cook and peel a perfect “hard” boiled egg. And then some on fish, seeing as New Zealand has a solid history built on fish. Hell, even our northern island is a giant fish that a god caught.

But first the rice….

So for this I use a simple microwave steamer. Very cheap, about $11 at most stores. Now the rice, the healthiest is brown rice, but I don’t like the texture, so the second most healthy choice and the one I use is basmati. If I am just making myself a snack I will use 1/3 cup of uncooked rice. For a small meal 1/2 cup of uncooked rice, and for a meal for my family one cup of uncooked rice. You should rinse this under cold water until the water runs clear. This makes for a fluffier rice. Lastly you want to add double the water you have of rice, so for 1/3 of a cup uncooked rice, add 2/3 cups of water and so forth. Then you put it in the microwave on high. Eight minutes for 1/3 cup rice, ten minutes for 1/2 cup of rice, and fifteen minutes for one cup of rice. Once it beeps, open the lid, fluff the rice up and replace the lid. Leave it to stand for the same time it was in the microwave to finish cooking.

Before adding to the microwave you can add flavour to the water. A teaspoon of sugar for sweet rice. Garlic, turmeric, or other herbs and spices. Experiment and find your perfect blend.

So to conclude;
1/3 cup uncooked rice – 2/3 cup water – eight minutes in microwave – stand for eight minutes.

1/2 cup uncooked rice – one cup water – ten minutes in microwave – stand for ten minutes.

one cup uncooked rice – two cups water – fifteen minutes in microwave – stand for fifteen minutes.

Enjoy some nice fluffy rice.