Spaceeeeeeeeee Trucking

Dont spaceeeee out too much whilst navigating space LOL 😀  Stay sober Space Truckers!


Epic space adventures in hifi

I just wrote a new addition to an ongoing epic space saga im penning.  You can read the new addition here.  In other news, SpaceX has just announced Micro Satellites for low cost internet.  This all sounds very tasty indeed, bring on the cheaper net bills 😀

Zombie Apocalypse in Space!!!!!

Yes, the zombie apocalypse has reached outerspace, and im sure any moment 10 very hungry zombies will float over to your ship and not only eat their way through your ships hull but also you d:

Beware the space zombie, it lurks in every dark ships hull.

In the mean time, if your really bored waiting to see if the zspacepocalypse will affect Chris Roberts supreme command vessel the bengal carrier, you could read a brilliant fiction story i personally crafted for your reading pleasure.

Begin your adventure here. Have a brilliant argh-full day!

-Dranor Zylander


With the latest Letter from the Chairman ($55 mill, way to go community) for Star Citizen we got to vote on another ship. This is great as more ships means more choice and more flavor in the universe. I found myself stuck on two choices my first being the most popular, the science vessel. But all these ships come in at a minimum of $200 USD, this means few will buy it outside of earning it in the game. So my vote went to the third starter.

I likely won’t get one myself but think of the game upon full release. New players are only going to come in on the minimum. This means two choices with a couple of variants. That will be thousands of the same ships being run into over and over in the central planets. A bit of diversity would be nice, say a choice of six starter ships. A cargo freighter (Aurora), a racer (Mustang), a small length explorer (something with jump engine and mid range scanner), a small salvage/mining vessel (for core planets in its start zone), and a couple others to flesh it out. I think all can agree it would be a much more colorful world!

– Shorty McDuff