Some crazy tunes for spacing

Sometime this century i was introduced to a genre of music known as synthwave.  Lately ive been listening to this as background music whilst playing Starcitizen, friends let me tell you it will open another world for you.


I’ll begin with this classic piece

The bass line is amazing.


This track is kickass too, dont fire too many missiles you crazy pilot haha


Synthwave is best defined as a improvement and progression of New Wave, a genre which was best defined in the 80’s.  Synthwave is the modern re-imagination of this genre using uptodate equipment samplers and techniques.  Much of the music is themed on the 80’s along with many science fiction ideas and ideas of the day but its kind of more rev’d up.  A term ive come to use is hyper 80’s newwave as newwave in the 80’s was fitting but this music isn’t much at all like the 80’s were yet its better in many ways.  Thus its something new and modern but is styled on music of that time.


More can be read about Synthwave here, enjoy your audio adventure 😮