Tip #8 Keeping it real

So its been a while since i posted yo. Stuff n stuff happening you know how it is. My knowledge has been on the up and up, for your pleasure i’ll now share that.

Right, so one of the biggest problems in many western diets is not eating the right proportion of food groups. Most significantly grains, more grains are eaten than many other food groups in western diets.

Why i say grains is cause they contain phytic acid which naturally occurs in nature only our body’s aren’t meant to digest phytic acid. This explains in much more detail what phytic acid is – phytic acid is there to protect the grains nutrients so it can grow into a plant but the problem is our body’s need its contents. Phytic acid isn’t all bad and has some benefits only if you want max bioavailability read on.

So what can be done about this, how can we crack this extract the good throw out the bad?

Soaking seeds, grains and beans in salted water for a number of hours drastically lowers the phytic acid meaning our body’s get more of the good. Grains seeds nuts and beans high in phytic acid pass straight through so you see it makes sense to increase the bioavailability. Once soaking is completed, drying is needed fireup your oven roast em – this allows storage and increases flavour. Dehydrators alternatively are the cheaper option.

Ancient cultures used to ferment many foods, this is one of the biggest things removed from western diets today. The significance of this cannot be understated, in many eastern cultures where supposedly bad foods are consumed in large amounts unsurprisingly many of the biggest health concerns with most modern western nations have much lower occurrences. The reason fermenting food is good other than lowering phytic acid introduces good micronutrients such as good bacteria’s and makes food easier to digest.

Additionally removing phytic acid from your diet can improve tooth and bone health.

That’s it from me, till next time truck on!

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